anathema a curse; a person or thing cursed, or intensely disliked
ancillary auxiliary; subordinate, subsidiary
animadversion harsh criticism or disapproval
animus a feeling of ill will; animating spirit; disposition
antediluvian extremely old
apostasy desertion or departure from ones faith, principles, or party
apotheosis a model of excellence or perfection of a kind
apparition a ghost; an unexpected appearance
appellation a name, title, or designation
apposite of striking appropriateness and relevance
apprise to give notice to; to inform
approbation formal or official approval; praise
appurtenance an adjunct or accessory
arbitrage the nearly simultaneous purchase and sale of an asset in order to profit from price discrepancies
argot a specialized vocabulary peculiar to a particular group
Argus-eyed extremely observant; watchful
arriviste explanation
artifice an artful trick, stratagem or device; cleverness, skill
ascetic austere, severe; one who practices extreme self-denial
assiduous constant in application or attention
assuage to ease, or lessen; to soften
atavism reversion to a remote ancestral type or to an earlier form
aubade a song greeting the dawn
auspicious favorable; fortunate; prosperous
autochthonous indigenous; native